Donald at the Bat – Day 545, Grammatical Nuance

Day 545, Grammatical Nuance

Helsinki caused the pickle Donald’s in,

For he took Putin’s side and that’s no good.

When asked if Russia tried to help him win,

He said he, “…saw no reason that it would.”


Take Putin’s word, not our Intelligence?

Yes, that’s what all who heard him understood.

Ignoring the great mound of evidence:

That’s just what Donald did but never should.


The White House took this problem, plain to see,

And asked themselves what is the likelihood

Appending, “n, apostrophe, and t,”

Would stop the bleeding?  Some folks thought it could.


Negating the subjunctive, “would” to “wouldn’t,”

They thought should solve Trump’s problem, but it couldn’t.

Prevaricating: all are taught one shouldn’t,

Though no one sees a reason that Trump wouldn’t.


Today, Trump’s walking back his walking back.

In one more opportunity to show

That he agreed that Russians still attack,

His DNI said,”Yes,” and Trump said, “No.”    (Director of National Intelligence)


It’s hard to analyze the Donald’s mind,

Resisting, as it does, incoming facts.

One fears, by digging deep, that one may find

There’s no good reason for the way he acts.


Or, what we find may lead us to conclude

It’s narcissism, insecurity,

Or, might we say, though we’re  appearing rude,

Some other CNS infirmity?     (Central Nervous System)


Does Trump accept Intelligence or not?

If not, does that mean Donald’s mind is shot?

And, if the Donald’s mind has gone to pot,

Does Congress have a remedy, or not?