Donald at the Bat – Day 533, Trade Wars

Day 533, Trade Wars

Trump started up his latest project; it’s a tariff war.

He says it will correct inequities endured before.

But others match us tit for tat. (Trump likes tits, but not tats.)

So prices will rise everywhere; just monitor the stats.


The farmers who supported Trump will see their exports fall.

Supply lines for all kinds of goods, disrupted by the Fall,

Our manufactured goods become expensive overseas.

Yet, this trade war is one Trump said that we should win with ease.


If EU nations band together, (that’s what EU’s for,)

And Canada and Mexico, they’ll wound us to the core.

And China has an extra squeeze; Trumps manufacture there.

Xi could revoke their licenses, although that isn’t “fair.”


Trump doesn’t know the things he doesn’t know or understand.

He doesn’t know much music but he wants to lead the band.

So far, his band’s performance is a loud cacophony.

How soon will listeners demand a proper symphony?