Donald at the Bat – Day 515, Kinderkonzentrationslagern

Day 515, Kinderkonzentrationslagern  (Children’s concentration camps)

“We’re going to build a border wall and Mexico will pay.”

We all remember Donald Trump and what he had to say.

But that was always false; we know we’ll all get old and gray

The Mexicans will never pay.  They’ll say, “No way, Jose!”


So Donald’s putting little kids in concentration camps

And Donald’s blaming Democrats, though he put on the clamps.

Jeff wrote the plans to cage the kids; (they’re jails, not summer camps.)

But this was Donald Trump’s idea.  The Press has shined its lamps.


Republicans, when they are asked, though some still try to duck,

Confronting what the Donald’s doing, act as if dumbstruck.

They’re running campaigns in the fall and don’t want to be stuck

Defending caging kids because their leader runs amok.


Now Donald’s digging in; when challenged, he gets really rough.

He’s telling blatant lies, as usual, Donald’s talking tough.

“Do not believe the Press,” Trump says they just print fake news stuff.

We’ve seen the camps with our own eyes.  Now, have we had enough?


The concentration camps that Adolf Hitler’s Nazis planned

Were first political.  And sadly, no one took a stand.

So then the Nazis raised the stakes, put out a new command.

They built extermination camps.  And no one took a stand.


Are kids just poker chips, a bet to make the Congress pay

For Donald’s border wall?  We see some Christians kneel to pray,

Shocked by the cruelty of the game they’re watching Donald play.

Jeff Sessions read a Bible verse but what would Jesus say?