Donald at the Bat – Day 513, “Give me your tired, your poor…” Just Kidding…

Day 513, “Give me your tired, your poor…”  Just kidding…(1)


We haven’t built a concrete wall;

Psychology will do.

It’s being used to cast a pall,

To try to change the view

Of those who seek asylum here,

To make them fear to come.

They’ll lose their children, that’s made clear,

A guaranteed outcome.


“Your kids will be put into camps.

“You won’t know where they are.”

It’s almost like a jail for tramps.

How have we come this far?

We’ve cited Bible verses, law,

To refugees’ dismay.

But isn’t this just shock and awe

To make them stay away?


With borborygmi of disgust

That threaten emesis,

We heard the Scriptures that we trust

Be used for emphasis

That God has blessed us when we take

Their kids from mother’s arms.

But these are laws that humans make

And should set off alarms.


It’s “We the people…” who make laws, (2)

Gods likely not involved.

To wrap this wound in god-soaked gauze

Leaves gangrene unresolved.

“Justice, justice, shall you pursue.” (3)

Who thinks our acts are just?

And if, by chance, my friend, it’s you…

We hold you in disgust.


But Trump and Sessions say, “Keep out!

“We once reached out to you.

“Now, you’re not welcome; have no doubt.

“Your worst dreams have come true.”

The camps that Hitler’s Nazis built

Were first political.

Should we start feeling pangs of guilt?

Is that heretical?


(1) The New Colossus, 1883, Emma Lazarus.  This poem is on the base of the Statue of Liberty.  Look it up and read it.

(2) Opening words of the Preamble to the US Constitution

(3) Deuteronomy 16:20