Donald at the Bat – Day 506

Day 506

So the Donald picked up all his marbles and left.

They had left out the Russians and Trump was bereft.

For he wanted his buddy, Vlad Putin, to show.

Then the Frenchman, Macron, hinted Donald might go.


Though it’s true in the past, we once had a G8.

But they threw Russia out because Vlad Putin ate

The Crimea and the eastern half of Ukraine.

These invasions don’t bother the Donald Trump brain.


And the questions go on; we know Vlad interfered

Back in 2016.  Trump supporters all cheered.

So now, Trump does Vlad’s bidding.  What has Putin got

To make Donald so servile?  Pee tape? Is he bought?


Now the Donald won’t work with our allies at all.

He is doing Vlad Putin’s job, casting a pall.

Although Putin can’t come, his boy, Donald is there.

He sent Donald, ensuring G7 is fair.


Petrarchan Sonnet on Alpha Males

Chimpanzees have an alpha male.

That’s just what Donald wants to be.

Vlad Putin’s alpha; so is Xi.

They both put enemies in jail.

So, next to them, poor Trump looks pale.

Though, like the top male chimpanzee,

He shows, for all the world to see,

There’s no female he will not nail.

The Donald envies Putin’s power,

Including how he jails his foes.

More ominous, when things go sour,

He might bring their lives to a close.

Will Trump do more than tweet and lower?

As he says, we’ll see how it goes.