Donald at the Bat – Day 1410, Iconoclasm

Day 1410, Iconoclasm


“Joe Biden has to prove that he got eighty million votes,”

Another challenge Trump has launched; let’s see if this one floats.

What more proof could one ask for as states certify their count?

If Donald won’t accept that, then what challenge might he mount?


The Donald’s fragile ego won’t permit him to concede.

“Rejected,” is a concept to which Trump cannot accede.

Held to account for his malfeasance: never done before,

Trump’s narcissist persona has been wounded to the core.


Trump simply can’t accept the possibility he failed.

Not only that, but next year he might very well be jailed.

That Donald is a narcissist is well beyond dispute.

To be defeated is a concept his mind can’t compute.


Republicans down ballot won the same day Biden won.

They split their votes to dump Trump, which he thought could not be done.

“Machines have altered ballots to give my Trump votes to Joe;”

Trump can’t believe that voters saw his name and voted, “No!”


“Joe Biden could not win without committing massive fraud.

“The voters can’t reject Trump, for I’m worshiped like a god.”

Trump flew close to the sun but, just like Icarus, he crashed,  (1)

Brand new iconoclasm; Donald’s idols have been smashed.


When we go to museums, we see statues of old gods,

Egyptian, Greek, and Roman: all of them invented frauds.

They faded when their armies lost but Trump was voted out.

Now he’ll be in museums with his face fixed in a pout.


(1)  The minor Greek god, Icarus, had a set of wings, constructed by his father, Daedalus, of feathers held together by wax.  When he flew too high, the heat of the sun melted his wings and he crashed into the sea and died.  Discuss the risks of hubris (50 points.)