Donald at the Bat – DAy 1400, Stubborn as a Mule

Day 1400, Stubborn as a Mule


With eleven million cases,

A quarter of a million dead,

Shouldn’t this get our attention

And tell us what still lies ahead?


There’s a story of a farmer

Who owned a very stubborn mule

And of an expert mule trainer,

Who ran the best mule-training school.


Now, please listen to the story:

The farmer had tried everything;

His mule would not pull his wagon,

Not even feeling a whip’s sting.


So, he went to see the trainer,

Who said, “You only need to talk,

“You will need no whips or beatings,

“And I assure you, he won’t balk.”


When, next day the man came over,

He brought along a two by four

And he had a short sledge hammer.

The farmer asked, “What are those for?”


The man answered, “I will show you;

“Now let’s both go to see your mule.

“When we get out to the stable,

“We can start mule-training school.”


Then the man said to the farmer,

“Would you please take this two by four

“And lay it on your mule’s forehead,

“And I will show you what it’s for.”


Then the trainer swung his hammer

And he whacked the two by four.

The mule brayed and then he staggered.

The farmer, shocked, cried out, “No more!”


“You told me I’d just need talking,

“But this treatment was the worst.”

The trainer said, “Now, he’ll listen;

“You must get his attention, first.”


With the Covid 19 raging,

Some still stay stubborn as a mule.

They won’t listen to the experts.

Did they not do too well in school?


Have we had enough of dying?

Until the vaccine, experts ask,

“Keep six feet of social distance;

“And, don’t be stubborn, wear a mask.”