Donald at the Bat – Day 1323, Stirring the Pot

Day 1323, Stirring the Pot 


Trump flew out to Wisconsin, it seems, just to stir the pot

And did not see the family after Jacob Blake was shot.

The protests there got out of hand, with two more people dead;

A right-wing kid with AR 15, clearly lost his head.


The president met with police and, pledging his support,

Ignored the reason for protests when he was “holding court.”

He said that cops might “choke” like golfers missing three foot putts.

Are seven bullets in the back the same, or is Trump nuts?


Trump’s strategy is to distract from Covid 19’s toll.

He missed the fairway, green, and cup, if safety was his goal.

He clearly showed he does not care if unarmed blacks are shot:

Another piece of evidence of what Trump’s always thought.


In 2016, Trump asked black folks what they had to lose.

But when unarmed black men get killed, then Donald will excuse,

White cops who kill, repeatedly, like it’s some minor flaw,

And not a failing of impartial justice under law.


Since Black Lives do not Matter like the Dow, in Donald’s mind,

The same for Covid victims, (just ignored, not yet maligned,)

He’ll scare suburban voters, though there’ve been no protests there,

Black folks might move in—Covid’s there now; Donald doesn’t care.


The latest polls suggest Trump’s tactics are not changing minds,

For Biden’s lead has not changed much; that’s what each pollster finds.

If Trump runs on his record, he will go down to defeat

And move straight to the courtroom for a justice “meet and greet.”