Donald at the Bat – Day 1305, Politicized Masks

Day 1305, Politicized Masks 


Why have masks been politicized,

Worn mostly by the Democrats?

And why was Fauci ostracized


For stating scientific stats?

The Donald’s life is built on lies.

The truth, a foe he must attack.

He does not care if someone dies,

If they are old or brown or black.


To wear a mask shows you believe

In science, not Trump’s baseless claims.

But Covid granted no reprieve

To us when Donald called it names. (1)


Statistics show masks slow the spread

Of Covid 19 through the land,

Which translates into fewer dead.

Is that so hard to understand?


The Donald demands loyalty.

Which means you must believe his word

Which then makes truth a casualty,

The cost, ten thousands more interred.


Why, when we know that masks save lives,

Do some defend the maskless state?

We think that their demand derives

From their suspicion of the state.


And others say, “My freedom trumps

“The welfare of society.”

“I am prepared to take my lumps

“For foolish views of liberty.”


Some still maintain that, “It’s a hoax,”

(Some months ago,Trump made that claim.)

But Mother Nature never jokes,

Trump’s judgment, once more proven lame.


Our emperor, thus stands undressed;

His Covid 19 stance, a lie.

He’s failed his most important test;

For masklessness means people die.


We’ve one in four of every death

And case recorded, planetwide.

Our population?  Hold your breath:

One twenty-fifth, no cause for pride.


The whole world asks, “What’s wrong with them?”

Our leadership gone down the drain.

The light we used to shine, grown dim,

Mistaking Trump’s gut for a brain.


(1)  “The China virus, the Wuhan virus.”