Donald at the Bat – Day 1239, Honoring Traitors

Day 1239, Honoring Traitors 


To honor those who fought against our country and our flag,

Raise statues to their generals and wave their battle rag,

And wave it amidst swastikas, condemning blacks and Jews,

Parading for supremacy of those of lighter hues,


Would seem peculiar if you want to be a patriot

—Unless you are a bigot—or perhaps you just forgot,

Those generals, that battle flag, all stood for slavery;

Six hundred thousand soldiers died for Southern treachery.


Racism still infects us; a sad lesson history taught.

It penetrates the genome once the virus has been caught.

To honor those who led the fight for white supremacy,

Makes heroes of those fighting to preserve a fallacy.


Our country has a sickness that we have to extirpate.

For several hundred years, we all have helped it incubate.

A white cop killed a black man; there’s a video this time.

Will that make us eradicate this sin that turns to crime?