Donald at the Bat – Day 1187, Protests

 Day 1187, Protests 


Protesters want to congregate,

Defying orders by the state

And open businesses again,

Not knowing it’s safe to begin.


But scientists say, “We must test,

“Defining every viral nest,

“Before we loosen our restraints.”

(In spite of pictures Donald paints.)


Then Donald tweeted, “Liberate!”

(If you’re a Democratic state.)

The profits with which he’s obsessed,

Make Donald say, “Go on, protest.”


But his administration said,

The best way to stop viral spread,

Is stay at home.  Please do your part;

When out, please stay six feet apart.


So, Trump says this and Trump says that.

His briefings are a daily spat.

He says things that are just not true

And TV brings lies live to you.


State governors must take the ball,

(That Donald fumbled, you recall.)

He wants to be the potentate

But make the others pull the weight.


He simply won’t coordinate

Supplies as needed by each state.

He wants to open up again.

If COVID spreads once more, what then?


When we had 1918 flu,

Some cities opened early, too.

A second death wave hit, much worse.

So, open up and call the hearse.