Donald at the Bat – Day 1180, Firing Fauci?

Day 1180, Firing Fauci? 


Donald tweets of firing Fauci.

Truth, we know, makes Donald grouchy.

So, when Fauci states the facts,

Trump, as usual, tweets attacks.


Fauci spoke and Donald grumbled.

(He implied that Donald bumbled.)

Trump demands, “Agree with me.

“Or you’ll be my enemy.”


Donald’s science chops are shaky,

Making scientists headachy.

Trump’s resistance to advice

Means that we must pay the price.


Donald’s threatened Fauci’s firing.

We all see that Tony’s tiring

Of advising Donald Trump,

Whom his science cannot trump.


Don’t burn Donald’s gastric antrum

Or he’ll throw another tantrum,

Science taking a back seat

To Trump’s governance by tweet.


Will the Donald’s wounded ego

Say, “Since Tony’s no amigo,

“I am going to vent my rage

“And kick Fauci off the stage?”


We all know that Donald’s prickly;

Fauci just might exit quickly,

Leaving us Trump’s GI tract

Substituting gas for fact.