Donald at the Bat – Day 1166 (no 1165), Religion vs Science

Day 1166, Religion vs. Science 


The problem with religion

Is there may be a smidgeon,

If not outright defiance

Of proven truths of science.


The problem is that science

Is placing its reliance

On questions and on testing

What clergymen left resting.


Some questions cross the border

Into the natural order,

Which has eroded, slowly

What formerly was holy.


First devils caused diseases,

Cured by our prayers to Jesus.

But now it’s organisms;

No need for exorcisms.


For we know most infections

Respond to drug injections.

When beta strep’s the villain,

Don’t pray; use penicillin.


So, if you get infested,

It now can be arrested

By our new therapeutics,

Not your old hermeneutics.  (1)


And, now it’s COVID 19;

We’re working on a vaccine.

As soon as we invent it,

We know that will prevent it.


Until then, keep your distance;

(Don’t go to church, for instance.)

That slows the viral spreading

From those infected shedding.


So, please, please trust in science.

It’s clear that non-compliance

With things like social distance,

Might just end your existence.


(1)  Another good one to look up.