Donald at the Bat – Day 1111, Iowa’s Results

Day 1111, Iowa’s Results 


The Iowa vote is unclear;

Who knows when results might appear?

We don’t know who lost; we don’t know who won,

So, no one has holstered his gun.


We’ve learned that they’re blaming the flap

On someone’s malfunctioning app.

We don’t know who won; we don’t know who lost,

And therefore, can’t measure the cost.


Results come out later today;

That’s what we heard somebody say.

The candidates left, progressive and right,

They have other battles to fight.


The candidates gave their own views

About no results on the news.

Progressive and right, all candidates left,

As well as the press, no one’s left.


Where will the next battle be fought?

New Hampshire will host the onslaught.

We’ll hear from the strong; we’ll hear from the weak;

They all will fight on, one more week.


Now Bernie and Lizzie and Pete,

Look like the front runners to beat.

Joe Biden looked weak; at least, not too strong.

But, so far, it’s no one’s swan song.


We finally learned Buttigieg won,

Though close, Mayor Pete, number one.

Joe Biden came fourth; can he still go forth?

We’ll see when Joe heads east and north.