Donald at the Bat – Day 1110, Fear and Loathing

Day 1110, Fear and Loathing


The Democrats are summing up

And make a damning case.

Abuse of power keeps coming up;

And we must also face

That Donald Trump will cheat again

And may win four more years.

For, he’ll do anything to win;

He needs the cheers he hears.


We’ve heard Republicans, who say,

“The Democrats have proved

“That Trump’s a crook; I’ll still vote, “Nay,”  (1)

“He should not be removed.

“We’ll let the people all decide;

“November, there’s a vote.

“My ‘guilty’ vote is suicide.

“ ‘Acquit,’ my wall and moat.”


The voters have been keeping score

Of evidence they’ve heard.

And, God forbid, we’ll give them more;

It’s worse with every word.

So, we will vote to let Trump go,

Then go out on the stump

And pray to God we do not show

Our loathing fear of Trump.


(1)  See the remarks of Senator Lamar Alexander, R, Tennessee, January 30, 2020.  Several other Republican senators said they agreed with him.