Donald at the Bat – Day 1095, Trump’s Defense

Day 1095, Trump’s Defense 


The Ship of State has run onto a reef.

The president’s defense has filed its brief.

Although the Ship of State has run aground,

The captain has the right to cause such grief.


Although the Ship of State has run aground,

The cause for Trump’s impeachment is not sound.

The Constitution gives him every right;

For, when he was elected, he was crowned.


The Constitution gives Trump every right.

That’s what the Founding Fathers meant to write?

That presidential powers are absolute?

Or is that maintained only by the right?


Yes, presidential powers are absolute,

(A concept legal scholars all dispute.)

So, that’s why Trump has hired Dershowitz,

A man whose reputation’s in dispute.


Yes, Donald Trump has hired Dershowitz,

(The O.J. case among his greatest hits.)

He’ll argue that Trump’s presidential power

Can be abused, which gives the lefties fits.


So, must we grant that presidential power

Can be abused and we must simply cower?

The scholars and the Democrats say, “No!”

At least the country needs to take a shower.


Trump broke the law and Democrats said, “No!”

They said it’s time that someone told him, “Whoa!”

So, when he ran the Ship of State aground,

They all stood up and told him where to go.