Donald at the Bat – Day 1093, Here We Go

 Day 1093, Here We Go 


Trump’s been impeached and now the Senate trial has begun.

The chances Trump will be convicted range from slim to none.

The senators were sworn in and the first lies have been told.

Some swore to be impartial with their souls already sold.


McConnell said he’s not impartial, then swore he would be.

And Lindsey Graham said, “This oath does not apply to me.”

Some Democrats have said the evidence looks very strong.

Republicans are saying they hope this won’t take too long.


The Democrats want witnesses; Republicans do not.

The Democrats want documents; Trump blocked all they sought.

For witnesses can tell us about what Trump said and did.

And documents can show us all the facts that Donald hid.


Now we have learned some more about the president’s defense.

He’s added Dershowitz and Starr; he’s sparing no expense.

So, Cipollone, Sekulow, plus Dershowitz, and Starr,

And there, behind the curtain, will be lurking, William Barr.


We don’t think Trump’s defenders will deny his slime this time.

Instead, we think they’ll argue what he did was not a crime.

And, even if it was, it still is not impeachable.

The president is so exalted, he’s not reachable.


Will Roberts, who’s presiding, be more than a potted plant?

There’re lots of things that he can do but many more he can’t.

For, if he makes a ruling, then a bare majority

Of fifty one votes overturns him; no authority.


So, here we go for just the third time in our history.

The first two weren’t convicted though both were unsavory.

And, though the facts are damning, Trump will probably survive.

In this great moral fight, Republicans will take a dive.