Donald at the Bat – Day 1091, Impeachment Delivered

Day 1091, Impeachment Delivered 


Before we get to Super Bowl,

The House fed Trump a glowing coal.

They’ll send impeachment on to Mitch

To test the Senate’s mortal soul.


We know the preference of Mitch:

Dismissal, but now there’s a hitch.

The House has dumped more documents

And Trump’s defense just dropped a stitch.


And what was in those documents?

To true minds, they’re impediments.  (1)

Trump urged corruption in Ukraine,

Extortion, not emoluments.


Trump told Zelensky in Ukraine,

“You have to cause Joe Biden pain,

“So I can run and win again.”

A perfect deal to Donald’s brain.


For Trump to run and win again,

He’ll seek help where it’s always been,

Inviting Putin in to hack,

A crime as well as grievous sin.


And now, another Russian hack,

This time, Burisma on the rack,

Where Biden’s son was on the board.

Will Biden’s campaign start to crack?


Though Biden’s son was on the board,

The documents in this new hoard,

Do not show Biden was corrupt.

It’s Donald’s ox that has been gored.


So, once more, it’s Trump who’s corrupt.

Republican defense is tupped.  (2)

So, if the Senate lets him off,

Will voters’ outrage then erupt? 


(1)  See Sonnet 116, by William Shakespeare

(2)  See Otello, Act 1, Scene 1, by William Shakespeare.