Donald at the Bat – Day 1079, General Soleimani

Day 1079, General Soleimani 


The Middle East is such a mess and likely getting worse.

Our drone killed Soleimani, not enough left for a hearse.

The Persian general, commander of their Al Quds force:

The fact that he is smithereens is no cause for remorse.


Reprisals have been promised.  Now, how will Iran hit back?

We’ve lots of targets ‘round the globe, they might choose to attack;

Our embassies, our tourists, and our bases overseas,

Oil tankers of our allies they might try to sink or sieze.


And Israel’s destruction, the Grand Ayatollah’s goal,

(The Muslims had it once, so it should stay in their control.)

The Middle East is smoldering; will it burst into flame,

Because Trump has just tried to turn his infamy to fame?


Remember many years ago, the dust Bin Laden bit?

Did Trump surpass Obama with the Soleimani hit?

Impeachment news was dominating; this should change that, though.

Will this strike have been worth it?  We await the quid pro quo.