Donald at the Bat – Day 1077, 2020 Vision

Day 1077, 2020 Vision 


Can we rid ourselves of Donald Trump,

This year?  If so, what then?

Is Donald Trump just a speed bump

Or wages for our sin?


We know that Trump is not a mensch,

In fact, deplorable.

His ethics have left quite a stench.

Is Trump affordable?


Is Trump symbolic of disease

Or massive debt come due,

The deadliest of maladies,

Like 1918 flu?


So, should we look at Trump or us?

At this point, we’re not sure

Just where to lance and drain the pus

To start to find the cure.


We know that Donald cheats and lies,

Dishonesty his game,

Behavior Lindsey Graham buys,

Disgracing his good name.


Most Evangelicals, like sheep

Stay in the Donald’s fold,

Their Christian precepts gone to sleep,

Or left out in the cold.


Though Donald is incompetent,

A moral mess, as well,

By now it should be evident,

We’ve sent ourselves to hell.