Donald at the Bat – Day 1068, Onward Evangelicals (parody to “Onward, Christian Soldiers”

Day 1068, Onward, Evangelicals  (1)


Onward, Evangelicals, stick with Donald Trump.

Though he’s not a Christian, that’s a small speed bump.

Donald’s immorality, sinful things he’s done,

Do not matter; we still claim that he’s the Chosen One.

Donald Trump leads true believers in the culture war,

With the Cross of Jesus, going on before.


Trump has named conservative judges for our courts.

That will make it certain, nobody aborts.

He is filing lawsuits to block Obamacare.

That will make our poor folks sicker but we do not care.

Trump tells those who seek asylum, “No room in the inn,”

And puts their kids in cages and won’t let them in.


We know Donald likes to screw porn stars and Playmates

And write them big checks when he adulterates.

His campaign advisers now mostly go to jail

And there are yet more to go but they’re still out on bail.

Donald Trump is leading with God’s “terrible swift sword.” (2)

Though he worships money, not God’s Son, our Lord.


Donald Trump’s true prophet is Russia’s Vladimir.

When we have elections, Trump says, “Interfere.”

And though Donald lies and cheats, we still stick with him.

Democrats are socialists, so we can’t vote for them.

Although Trump breaks all the rules of Christianity,

We claim Jesus works through Trump’s iniquity.


Do not call us hypocrites.  What does that word mean?

Though Trump’s not a Christian, our faith stays serene.

Trump abandons Jesus when he hears money call.

Labeling usl hypocrites still takes a lot of gall.

Donald Trump breaks all the rules that Jesus Christ laid down.

But that is no reason to take away his crown.


(1)  May be sung to “Onward, Christian Soldiers,” music by Sir Arthur Sullivan, (1871)  original lyrics by Sabine Baring-Gould (1865.)

  1. From “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” by Julia Ward Howe,