December 9,  Brittney Griner’s Home

December 9,  Brittney Griner’s Home


It’s huge news, a certain headliner!

The Russians released Brittney Griner!

But in all the dealin’,

We left behind Whelan.

The deal we made could have been finer.


Vlad Putin had put out a feeler:

He wanted back Bout, the arms dealer.

Since Vlad wanted Viktor,

Is that why he picked her?

He knew she would be a scene stealer.


But Paul’s case is more complicated;

That’s why he’s not been extricated.

They charged him with spying.

But we say they’re lying,

The charges they’ve made, fabricated.


White bigots have voiced their objection,

A racism-poisoned injection.

For bringing Ms. Griner

Home on a jetliner,

Freed someone of the wrong complexion.


All tourists risk Russian kidnapping;

They might get arrested while napping.

Their Russian vacations

May have complications,

Like FSB at their doors, rapping.  (1)


To get home from kleptocrat nations,

We’ve learned to expect complications,

Requiring horse trading;

While you’re in jail, waiting,

Which causes unending frustrations.


  • The FSB is the Russian state security police. They have replaced the KGB, in which Putin was an officer before going into politics.