December 20, Trump Tragedy

December 20, Trump Tragedy


A classical Greek tragedy is visited on Trump.

His criminal conspiracies grew from his life of crime.

His life of wealth and privilege is headed for the dump,

Replaced by time in prison in a much less temperate clime.


The House 1-6 Committee has decided to refer

Four counts of criminality to Garland’s DOJ.

We wait with bated breath; could Garland possibly defer

Indictment, trial, conviction, finally locking Trump away?


Today Trump’s income taxes are before House Ways and Means.

Will they expose the fraudulence that everyone suspects?

Or could they show Trump’s not so rich, of much more modest means?

To whom does Trump owe money?  Will that answer be complex?


And then, of course, there’s Georgia and election tampering.

We’ve all heard Donald’s phone call asking them to change the vote.

Trump’s narcissism told him he deserved such pampering.

Now he might wear an orange suit instead of cashmere coat.


And, how about top secret documents purloined by Trump,

And stored at Mar a Lago, what did Donald take them for?

This crime is worth a lot more than a slap on Donald’s rump.

And more seem to be missing; have they migrated off shore?


And, last but clearly not the least, there is Letitia James,

Attorney General of New York, with her huge civil suit.

A quarter of a billion bucks for Trump’s financial games,

A total fine that, if she wins, might leave Trump destitute.


So, prison for his federal as well as state misdeeds,

Sedition, insurrection, tax evasion, lots of fraud,

If any prosecution or the civil suit succeeds,

Then all the QAnon nitwits will need another god.