December 11, The I-6 Committee’s Last Meeting

December 11, The I-6 Committee’s Last Meeting


Our stomachs are churning, esophagi burning,

The 1-6 Committee decides what to say.

They’ve promised referrals and no more deferrals,

For Trump and his minions to the DOJ.


The end of December, the end of their tenure,

They’ll publish a menu of Donald’s misdeeds,

Just for Garland’s dining; (expect Donald’s whining.)

It should be a menu on which Justice feeds.


Donald’s a criminal; it’s not subliminal.

For Trump’s crimes were public, facts clear as a bell.

Though Donald’s denying, Republicans lying,

Is Donald Trump’s future a six by ten cell?


This year on the solstice, the case that’s engrossed us,

The 1-6 Committee may lower the boom.

To fight what they’ll publish, Trump’s bluster is rubbish.

Democracy may again burst into bloom.


McCarthy, the feckless, the rest of us breathless,

Await the announcements of one woman’s scorn.

Like dragons breathe fire, Liz Cheney’s hot ire

May make Donald wish he had never been born.


The wording’s debated, our breathing abated,

The nation awaits the Committee’s report.

Then it’s up to Merrick and Trump, the hysteric,

To fight out their battles in court after court.