Darwin Day 2009

DARWIN DAY is just around the corner. The world celebrates Charles Darwin’s birth every year on February 12th, but in 2009, we are all partying on the 200th anniversary of his birth. It is an international celebration of science and humanity; specifically, a celebration of the discoveries and life and Charles Darwin – the man who first described biological evolution via natural selection but who also is known for his kindness, tolerance, reflective thought and deep appreciation for the similarities, as well as the differences, among us. Darwin Day does not seek to deify Chuck or to claim him flawless – it just wants to honor him, his character and contributions to science and humanity. For more information about Darwin Day, go to http://darwinday.org

Since there is such an organized movement against the teaching of biological evolution through natural selection, many people have less than a quality education. This in turn affects their voting patterns with regard to stem cell research, reproduction, and all biological and medical research funded by the government. They have let belief surpass scientific fact; they have let myth replace knowledge and data; and they have been vehemently opposed to having the minds of their children expanded. To combat this militant ignorance, Darwin Day hopes to give people a better understand of evolution and the scientific method.

At Scientific Gospel Productions, we want to give the public a better understanding of science through entertainment. Dr. Stephen Baird writes and sings songs that are easily understood to the lay public, yet are fun for scientists as well. Interestingly enough, children seem to be his best audiences since they don’t mind big words that sound funny, like Australopithecus and Tiktaalik Roseae, and they love the catchy folk tunes.

So, to celebrate Darwin Day 2009, the Galapagos Mountain Boys are performing at a dinner concert at the UCSD Faculty Club on Thursday, February 12, 2009. On Saturday, February 7, 2009, the band will perform their annual Darwin concert in the medical school at UCSD which will be open to the public as well as students. Other concerts are being considered during the months of February and March. Publicity with specific times and costs will be forthcoming on this website and at the UCSD Faculty Club’s website within the next month.

To honor this special year, The Galapagos Mountain Boys have recorded a new CD, entitled, DARWIN, DARN IT! which will be available by the end of 2008, but the CD release parties will be at UCSD on February 7th and 12th, 2009. You will not want to miss the chance of purchasing this new CD – a definitive version of evolutionary folk music.