2 New CDs Just Recorded by The Galapagos Mountain Boys

The Galapagos Mountain Boys just finished recording two new CDs in the studios of Peter Sprague in Leucadia. The first CD, “DARWIN, DARN IT!” is to honor the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin on February 12, 2009, when we will celebrate with a dinner concert at the UCSD Faculty Club. More information on that will be available on this website soon.

The other CD is entitled, “INTELLIGENT DESIGN?” and contains some wonderful socio-political ballads among them being, “Your End Of The Boat Is Sinking” about the oil companies profiting from the recent hysterical rise in oil prices, “The “Global Warming Waltz” to counter the absurd denial of those not able to process data, “The Battle of The Greasy Grass,” about the Battle of Little Big Horn from the Sioux perspective, “Treaty – As Long As The Wind Blows” from a previous CD that is the match to the other Indian-themed song, a tribute to 3 famous scientists, and of course, songs dedicated to the title of this CD – about the not-so-intelligent design of the universe and our body organs!

The CDs will most likely be ready for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice presents, so if you’re interested in getting those CDs before others at the Darwin concert, please come back to the website in November to hear excerpts from a couple of songs and instructions about how to purchase them online at our website.

Be ready to laugh, learn and have ammunition to use again the opposition side to evolution.