Darwin Birthday Party


Dr. Stephen Baird & The Opossums of Truth
12 February 2005 at 7:30pm

Celebrate February 12, 2005 with evolutionists all over the world, as we celebrate the birth of Charles Darwin who had one of the best ideas of all time – his Theory of Evolution. Dr. Stephen Baird & Opossums of Truth will be performing their annual Darwin Birthday concert at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 12, 2005 in Liebow Auditorium at the School of Medicine on the campus of UCSD in La Jolla, California.

While never denying any deity’s creation of the universe, Darwin simply and eloquently stated the mechanism by which it all evolved, so that we are here today, still evolving – some of us more than others.

Many states in the USA at the urging of Creationists, Christian Fundamentalists and the Bush Administration are still trying to castrate science because of their militantly ignorant or religiously biased mindsets. They want the biblical version of Creation taught in schools, right along side that of the scientific version. If this is allowed to continue, science education now and in the future will be sacrificed at the altar of their narrow view of God. Students will suffer when they try to enter scientific professions without rational knowledge of the scientific method. Patients of doctors who graduate from Christian medical schools will suffer because of their lack of knowledge, both with treatment and with research technology. The country’s electorate will not possess sufficient knowledge to vote on such things as stem cell research or medical marijuana issues. The Supreme
Court of this nation will base their decisions upon faulty analysis of scientific facts and pressure from the fundamentalist right wing to decide issues in the name of their irrationality rather than data driven reality. Those who oppose evolution as the random selection that got us here will be unable to understand the other concepts of science necessary for progress. They will doom the rest of us to another Dark Ages. As my bumper sticker says, “What the schools need is a moment of science” in their classrooms.

We plan to celebrate Darwin’s contribution to the enlightenment of mankind with our type of folk music that will make science fun and understandable. Our hope is that we can all live a rational life and laugh at the randomness of the universe as it hands us such tragedy as war and political unrest, yet such joy as the birth of a child and when science provides a cure for some disease.

Concert tickets will be sold online at our website, www.scientificgospel.com, beginning December 10, 2004.

Reservations may be made by phone as well with Carol at: 858-481-0765.

Advance tickets: Adults $15 and Students with I.D. $7.00. Tickets at the door: Adults $20, Children and Students with I.D. $10. Open seating.

CD’s will be available at $15 each or all four bundled at the concert special of $50.

Of course, there will be the traditional Darwin Birthday dessert that so many of you have come to expect!