Darwin Birthday Concert at UCSD 2008

Scientific Gospel Productions announces the 10th annual Darwin Birthday Concert in memory of our recently departed band member, Ron Jackson. In Ron’s honor, we will celebrate the life of Charles Darwin, who possibly had the single best idea Mankind ever had (OK! Personkind), along with the life of Ron Jackson who did have the greatest single musical impact on so many of his students – especially Steve. This will be the first concert without Ron which will make it very difficult to perform because of the emotions it will evoke and because they will have to fly the ‘missing man formation’ on stage. Ron cannot be replaced. Therefore, the Opossums of Truth are no more – we renamed and reformed the band as The Galapagos Mountain Boys.

The Darwin Birthday Concert will be performed at the UCSD School of Medicine at 7:00pm on Saturday, February 9, 2008. We have reserved Liebow Auditorium again, but may change the venue to the nearby, new School of Pharmacy auditorium if it is available. Check back on the website after the New Year to see which venue it will be in.

Please mark your calendars for this special concert in memory of our good friend and irreplaceable band member, Ron Jackson. Steve promises to play exceptionally well to make his mentor proud. And he has several new songs for you, a couple of them sequels to older songs that asked questions such as, ‘when did we get naked?’ (he’ll tell you!) and ‘is there really an evolutionary link from fish to Acanthastega?’ You will be delighted to hear a song about ‘Lucy’ (not the one on TV!), and Homo Habilis. Since it is an election year, there will be, of course, political commentary in song.

Tickets sales will begin January 1, 2008. Watch the website for further concert information and how to buy tickets.

Adults: $15 Students/Children: $10. For more information about the band, the concert or CD sales, call: 858-481-0765.