August 8, The HEB

August 8, The HEB


A BFD?  No, HEB, a huge, enormous bill.

The Democrats rejoiced while Mitch McConnell took a pill.

The vote was 50:50 until Harris cast her vote.

The 51 to 50 loss got Mitch McConnell’s goat.


So, what was in the bill Republicans were all against?

First, money for green energy: they all became incensed.

A law to make big corporations pay some income tax,

For many now pay none at all; tax loopholes are so lax.


The bill lets Medicare negotiate the price of drugs.

Big Pharma has been robbing us, like money-grubbing thugs.

It caps the price of insulin that diabetics need.

Republicans opposed the cap; they serve Big Pharma’s greed.


Republicans just screwed their own constituents for spite.

Is that fact what distinguishes the Left wing from the Right?

The Democrats think government should help improve our lives.

Republicans just serve the rich, whence campaign cash derives.


Republicans cry, “Socialism!”  That’s their go-to rant,

Implying that they think their voters dumb and ignorant.

All races, all religions?  That is not the right wing view.

No, they prefer white Christians; if you’re not, they’re not for you.


A triumph for the Democrats: will Biden benefit?

Are all the right-wing criticisms basically horseshit?

Congressional elections are now just three months away.

Improve our lives or help the rich, these are the facts to weigh.


Republicans want power; that is all they care about.

To get it and to keep it, there’s no law that they won’t flout.

The Democrats don’t always get it right; we all know that

But, for any chance at progress, you’d best choose a Democrat.