August 7, Republican Obstruction

August 7, Republican Obstruction


Republican obstruction: is it in their DNA?

All threats of social progress must be quickly cast away;

No saving the environment, keep women in their place,

And melanin deficiency defines the “master race.”


Republican obstruction: that’s all they know how to do.

McConnell, the Grim Reaper says, “No bills shall be passed through.”

The rich want “carried interest” breaks, so God bless Sinema.

But nothing else shall pass ‘til Mitch receives an enema.


Republican obstruction: put right-wingers on the Court;

They’ll let the Red States make it criminal if you abort.

And, “We’re a Christian nation; Jews and Muslims should take note,

“Especially the atheists, when we control the vote.”


Republican obstruction: “Keep sex ed out of our schools.

“Make teaching of our racist history against the rules.

“And let’s start banning books again; it’s dangerous when kids read,

“For God forbid ideas like Charles Darwin’s should succeed.”


Republican obstruction: they “know God is on their side,”

So old white men should be in charge, the Bible as their guide.

All social change is an abomination in their sight.

The Left, of course, is sinister; the Right the only right.


Republican obstruction: it is all about their power.

They fear a new society is just about to flower

As folks who have more melanin or no Y chromosome

And all the liberals, of course, disrupt their mythic home.


Republican obstruction: must be in their DNA.

It seems that they must have a gene for always voting, “Nay.”

It also seems they do not trust a true democracy,

“All (men) created equal” spread “from sea to shining sea.” (1)


  • History quiz: where do these two lines come from? Who wrote them?  Is the first problematic?