August 12, O! Woe Is Donald

August 12, O! Woe Is Donald


Both bank and tax fraud in New York, where Donald cooked the books,

Vote tampering in Georgia, where the DA sets her hooks,

Mishandling of documents, “Top Secret” classified,

“Our Savior is above the law,” the Trumpist faithful cried.


Trump’s goose is in the oven, not cooked yet but heat turned up.

As more and more heat is applied, might Trump’s goose get burned up?

The documents at Mar a Lago violate three laws

With lengthy prison sentences; Trump’s faithful grasp at straws.


“No one has ever treated any president this way.”

But there was something else the Trumpist faithful did not say.

No other president has ever swum in so much slime,

The stench not hidden by “parsley, sage, rosemary, or thyme.” (1)


So, why can’t Donald act like Putin, Erdogan, or Xi?

Vlad Putin is a criminal, so why can’t Donald be?

From sprinters like Josh Hawley to invertebrates like Pence,

They’re sticking with the Donald, at great character expense.


But it’s not just the sycophants; we’ve seen some start to shoot.

If shooting keeps Trump on the news, he doesn’t give a hoot.

Fomenting insurrection, which may flare to civil war,

All show there’s never been a president like Trump before.


It seems that there’s no law that Donald Trump will not defy.

And now he’s pissing on the DOJ and FBI.

His acolytes all follow suit; they once praised men in blue.

When Trump’s investigated though, they tell the cops, “Screw you.”


So, all of Donald’s sycophants are sticking with their man.

They do not care if he’s a crook, or what flames he may fan.

Now violence is starting and we fear that it will spread.

Before the Trump pandemic ends, how many will be dead?


  • From “Scarborough Fair,” by Paul Simon. I hope he forgives me.