April 25, Churches and Trumpists

April 25, Churches and Trumpists


It seems that some Christian churches now believe in Trump’s Big Lie,

That Biden won by voter fraud, which facts and courts deny.

Will Trump be resurrected?  We’ve seen Easter come and go,

With Trump still stuck in Mar a Lago (raking in the dough.)


DeSantis uses thought control to push the liberals out.

He’s in a fight with Disney; Mickey Mouse expressed some doubt

About the “Don’t Say Gay,” bill and the subjects taught in schools,

That LBGTQ and race are well-known liberal tools.


With Christians on the right flank, bigotry is free to ride;

Don’t underestimate their danger, “God is on their side.”

With Donald as their prophet, they are marching off to war,

A cross, Trump flags, and hangman’s nooses going on before.


And corporations should shut up, unless they’re on the right.

Though Disney’s out, Koch Industries is welcomed to the fight.

DeSantis uses laws to punish Disney for a thought.

And pays no heed to those ideals for which our fathers fought.


Tsar Vladimir shuts down the news: in Russia, no free press.

DeSantis cooks up laws to spank you for views you express.

The free press is an institution autocrats all hate.

They think the press should function as a servant of the state.


Extremists, left and right, and true believers of all gods

Have proven easy to dupe into all sorts of new frauds.

All autocrats just love the true believer’s state of mind.

For Trump, DeSantis, Putin, they’re the coal these three have mined.