April 24, Kevin Caught Lying

April 24, Kevin Caught Lying


McCarthy’s been forced to rekiss Donald’s ass

For things that he said that were leaked to the press.

“For 1-6, the Donald should not get a pass.

“And, he should resign for provoking that mess.”


It’s tough to deny what’s recorded on tape:

His voice recognizable, words crystal clear.

They’re like DNA left behind from a rape,

The problem today’s politicians all fear.


McCarthy apologized; Donald “forgave,”

So Kevin might still lead the House GOP.

He knelt, kissed the ring, and arose from the grave.

(Today, the word, “ass,” is spelled R-I-N-G.)


No one is shocked when politicians tell lies,

Deny what they said, claiming they can’t recall.

The thought of dementia perhaps should arise.

For that diagnosis accounts for it all.


And that diagnosis suggests Margie Greene,

Who could not remember what she said or wrote.  (1)

Her memory of 1-6, wiped totally clean,

Events of a year ago, just too remote.


What role did Greene play in the 1-6 attack?

And who wrote or said all the statements she made?

A slacker in Congress, should folks send her back?

Should neuropsychiatrists come to her aid?


The whole GOP seems to hope we’ll forget

The Trump insurrection that they won’t condemn.

And, does this imply they’re an ongoing threat,

That we’d kill democracy voting for them?


  • Marjorie Taylor Greene, R, Georgia, was forced to testify under oath in a lawsuit challenging her eligibility to run for federal office on the grounds that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution says that no person may serve in Congress if they have engaged in an insurrection against the United States. There has been no ruling, so far.