April 22, Republican “Facts”

April 22, Republican “Facts”


Republican states

Have higher death rates

From politicization of science.

With higher death rates,

Republican states,

Have been paying for science defiance.


Airlines understand;

And therefore have banned

Anti-maskers they’ve had go ballistic.

For those they have banned

Cannot understand

Good advice that Trump calls socialistic.


We have great vaccines,

Yet we still see scenes

Of protesters who scream about “freedom.”

We learn from such scenes

Protesting vaccines,

The protesters have let Trump mislead ‘em.


Protesters beguiled

Won’t be reconciled

With the facts that good science has shown ‘em.

Those unreconciled,

Those who’ve been beguiled

Must not care if the Koch brothers own ‘em.


What some people learned

Is, you may get burned

From ignoring the findings of science.

And, most of those burned,

Because they’ve not learned,

Will still stubbornly misplace reliance.


So we see Red States

With higher death rates

From all causes, not just the pandemic.

Do higher death rates

In many Red States

Mean stupidity is epidemic?