April 20, “Don’t Say Gay” (1)

April 20, “Don’t Say Gay” (1)


In Florida, you can’tell kids of lesbians and gays.

The letters, “L,G,B, T, Q,” are subjects you can’t raise.

For, “lesbian” and “gay” and “bi,” as well as “trans” and “queer,”

Are all a Democratic plot of which good folks steer clear.


The threat they fear is Democrats are “grooming” pedophiles.

To speak of “LGBTQ” lets “pedos” work their wiles.

And, who knows what the kids may do, once their minds have been “groomed?’

Since Biden seized the White House, sexual deviance has bloomed.


And while we’re on the subject, let’s consider “CRT,”

Math textbooks have been banned since they promote this theory.

Just how the math books do this, they are not prepared to say.

But, teaching kids to multiply is sexual, some would say.


If Johnny hears someone call someone else a “pedophile,”

An insult that implies the one accused is evil, vile,

In Florida, may Johnny ask his teacher what this means?

Or is that something that the “Don’t Say Gay” bill contravenes?


“Parental Rights in Education” and insulting lies: (2)

Depressing illustrations bigotry is on the rise.

The rise of bigotry is evil, not just simply spin.

As Mallory McMorrow said, “We will not let hate win.” (3)


The governor of Florida wants purity of mind.

He’ll root out every deviant his government can find.

When “LGBTQ” is taught, along with “CRT,”

Then sin and degradation are almost a certainty.


  • I did not mention it in the poem but April 20 is Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Does this relate in any way to what we are observing today?
  • The “Parental Rights in Education” bill is the official title of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. If parents don’t like something being taught in school, they may be able to stop it and even get teachers fired.
  • Mallory McMorrow, D, Michigan, is a state senator who faced head on a personal attack by a Republican, Lana Theis, who, in a fundraising email, accused her of wanting to groom and sexualize children, just because she is a Democrat. McMorrow’s speech is on the internet and worth listening to.  We’ll hear more from her.