Donald at the Bat – Day 504

Day 504 (The following may be sung to the tune of, “That’s Amore.”)  (1)


Did your problems arrive when you chose to connive

With the Russians?

Did you prance in the nude and then choose to collude

With the Russians?

Short of cash?  Businesses might crash?  Putin’s got a stash;

Try collusion.

You can win; who cares if you sin?  Sow confusion.


You’ll need someone to use, who just loves to confuse


Who won’t care what is true, who will help you to screw


Well then, Rudy’s your guy; he just loves a pig sty:


If you think you are screwed, you need someone who’s rude:


  1. “That’s Amore,” 1953, Harry Warren, music and Jack Brooks, lyrics.  The song was written for the Martin and Lewis movie, “The Caddy” and became one of Dean Martin’s biggest hits and his signature song.  Harry Warren was nominated for best song 11 times and won 3 Oscars


For a different kind of suit: Donald and the ladies: Summer Zervos lawsuit.

The chickens have come home to roost,

The Donald’s life of sleaze,

The women he has groped and goosed

May force him to his knees.

A judge said Trump may be deposed;

Discovery may proceed.

Will what is found mean Trump is hosed?

How often did Trump breed?


When you screw all the “tens” you can,

Without love or respect,

Then you will need to have a plan

For how you will deflect

Discovery of how you play

And whom you might have paid.

Like, did Trump pay 100K

Each time that he got laid?


Now Michael Cohen enters in:

Trump’s “fixer” of renown.

Did Cohen “fix” both crime and sin,

Both in and out of town?

Mike Cohen’s nuts are in a vise.

Bob Mueller starts to squeeze.

Will Cohen disgorge Donald’s vice,

His crimes as well as sleaze?