September 3, No Choice in Texas

September 3, No Choice in Texas


Now women have no choice in Texas; everyone can sue.

Greg Abbott signed it into law; you sue me; I’ll sue you.

You can’t facilitate abortion any way at all.

Not up to women or their doctors: strangers make the call.

A devilishly clever way of gutting Roe v Wade,

Now that’s the law in Texas that Republicans just made.


The law has no exceptions, not for rape nor for incest.

Just trust the right wing legislators; they all know what’s best.

The old, white men of Texas know what’s best for women’s health,

(Though they’ll respect the judgment of some ladies who have wealth.)

For, if you’re rich and pregnant but did not want to conceive,

You can get help in California; buy a ticket; leave.


The fetal heart starts beating at six weeks of pregnancy.

Some women still aren’t sure they’re pregnant; here’s the lunacy.

The Texas law does not allow abortions after that.

No time to think, no time to plan, you must be turned down flat.

And anyone who helps, if you decide to terminate,

Will face a lawsuit by a stranger in the Lone Star State.

So, what did the Supreme Court do?  Well, nothing: five to four.

The Texas law is in effect and Roe v Wade, no more.

Republicans are celebrating, and some women, too.

For Texas beat the Yankees, as the South still wants to do.

The South just rose again, (while putting women in their place.)

Republican misogyny, a problem they now face.


And now, another question, will some Red State copycats

Xerox the Texas law so they can piss off Democrats?

The governor of South Dakota said she’ll follow suit,

To kiss the ass of Donald’s base, which she hopes to recruit.

And then, of course, in Florida, DeSantis may contrive,

To balance Covid deaths by keeping fetuses alive.


It’s pretty clear Republicans in Texas are not done.

So, here’s a thought experiment to entertain for fun.

What if the Lone Star State decides it should secede again?

With the Republicans in charge, a bill like that might win.

So, let us ask, “Why should we wait for them to take this route?”

We have a choice for Texas; we can throw the bastards out.