September 20b,  From the Peak to the Valley (parody to ‘Red River Valley’)

September 20b,  From the Peak to the Valley  (1)


From the White House we’ve all watched Trump going.

He’s enraged and the liberals all smile.

For his leaving will bring rays of sunshine,

That his presence obscured quite a while.


Chorus:  Trump’s been telling himself, “They all love me.”

“Fraud and cheaters have bid me adieu.

“It’s the shadow of death in the valley.  (2)

“That I lost fair and square can’t be true.”


Yes, we’ve kicked Trump’s ass out of the White House;

Though he lost, he’s refused to concede.

He cried, “Fraud!” and he filed sixty lawsuits.

But not one of his suits would succeed.


Chorus:  Trump was telling himself….


From his senses, we saw Donald leaving.

His defeat drove the poor man insane.

Second place is death for narcissism.

Worse than floods from a Gulf hurricane.


Chorus:  Trump’s been telling himself…..


Trump is playing golf in Mar a Lago.

Sycophants come down to kiss his ring

From tax fraud, he may now face indictments.

That the State of New York may soon bring.


Chorus:  Trump’s been telling himself…..


  • May be sung to “Red River Valley,” a late 19th century Canadian song.  The Red River in the song is not the river between Oklahoma and Texas but the river that runs from Winnipeg down to Fargo, North Dakota.  It is fed by the Assiniboine, originating in Saskatchewan.
  • See Psalm 23.