Scott Pruitt, Patriot (revised to reflect defection from EPA)

Scott Pruitt, Patriot (can be sung to America, the Beautiful – while it still is!)


It seems that Steve was prescient this morning when he gave me this to put online, so he was compelled to add a last stanza to reflect Pruitt’s defection from his position at the EPA!  So, here is the revised version of the parody”


How beautiful, our spacious sky,

‘Til Pruitt has his say.

Burn fossil fuel ‘til we fry

And ice caps melt away.

America, America,

Scott dumps mine slag on thee.

Pollute the air; he doesn’t care,

While poisoning the sea.


How beautiful!  Deregulate

All that we’ve done before.

There’s so much to eviscerate

As Fossil Fuel’s whore.

America, America,

By fossil fuel defined.

They’ll add some cash to Pruitt’s stash,

‘Til all the coal is mined.


How beautiful, for private gain,

One’s office to exploit.

Scott can’t conceal the moral stain;

He is so maladroit.

America, America,

Corruption under Trump.

At his request

Scott will not rest

‘Til our whole Earth’s a dump.


O’ beautiful, Scott Pruitt quit.

The scandals were too great.

He smeared America with shit;

On that there’s no debate.

America, America,

Did Jesus intervene

And take command to heal the land

And scrub our nation clean?


Stephen Baird, July 5, 2018