Rick Perry for President

I think you can tell the tongue-in-cheek flavor of this song sung to the melody of ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas.’

He’s a native son of Texas, smart as a longhorn steer.
He’s runnin’ for the White House; that much is pretty clear.
He keeps a lot of brown folks in Texas from the polls.
And if they want Obamacare, he’ll keep them off the rolls.

Now governor of Texas, he’s going to move on.
He wants to follow Dubya soon as Obama’s gone.
He lost to Mitt the last time and why’s no mystery.
The next time he’ll do better if he learns to count to three.

Another son of Texas, well really Canada,
Is challenging Rick Perry to run America.
Ted Cruz got into Harvard; Rick’s intellect is lame.
Though Ted looks down his nose at Rick, their bullshit smells the same.

Stephen M. Baird, M.D., ©October 2013