Politically aLive CD

Solana Beach, CA, 16 October 2004: If you are wondering what happened to the Opossums lately, we had a well-deserved rest after our summer performances. The November election has also taken a bit of our attention away from scientific gospel because Steve has been writing and composing political satire for performances and for local congressional candidates’ fund raising events.

Although the political songs are not on a professionally mastered CD, we have burned some of the songs onto a CD from a live recording of the performance at HUMANICON Southwest 2004 in Scottsdale, AZ in August, when they were the opening act for the one-woman show of Julia Sweeney. Most of the songs are too topical to record in a studio and this debacle will be over in November, so if you want one as a memory of your favorite hobby, “Bush Bashing,” then you might like to savor the insults a bit longer. We can send you a copy of the CD for $5 plus tax in CA as well as shipping and handling.

The only song not on the Politically aLive in Scottsdale, AZ, CD is “The Tale of Darrell Issa” which was commissioned by Mike Byron, running for Congress in the 49th District in CA against Issa who tried to buy the state house in Sacramento, but Arnold ‘muscled him aside!’ (If you want a CD with that song, indicate so in your order and we’ll send you one with it included) “Poor Folks Have Too Much Money” is about the Bush/Cheney economic policy as is “Is This How They Teach Finance At Harvard Business School?” Of course the question is very relevant, so “Who’s Gonna Run The Country When Dick Cheney Dies?” Considering Bush’s lack of scientific knowledge mixed with his faith-based decision making, this song was a natural: “W Don’t Allow No Embro Research Here.” “W For President” is a tongue-in-cheek campaign song for Dubya, sung to the tune of “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

We threw in “We Are 99.9% The Same,” “Treaty (As Long As The Wind Blows),” “The Song Of Miranda,” and Woody Guthrie’s “Deportee” as our personal philosophical statements. All but “Deportee” are on previously recorded CDs.

Of course, we have a political bent and would prefer to see a regime change in the USA, but no matter what political party you belong to, make sure you VOTE on November 2nd.