Physicists attempt PR at meeting

Atlanta (AP) – Physics isn’t for dummies, but the American Physical Society is trying to make the laws of nature a little more comprehensible.

At its national convention this week, the society has organized lectures on the physics of all manner of Americana – baseball, beer, show tunes with physics-related lyrics and T-shirts urging people not to drink and derive.

But, try as they might, there’s no mistaking the dishelveled geniuses that have taken over downtown sidewalks and subways.

“It’s like seeing 5,000 Bill Gateses wandering around,” said attendee David Schechner.

Perhaps the American Physical Society will consider presenting a concert of Scientific Gospel from the unique Opossums of Truth, a San Diego-based band, led by Dr. Stephen Baird. The increasing numbers of SG followers can understand T-shirts such as the urging people not to drink and derive. They also laugh at a song the band plays about base eight math, called “We Might Have Been Dinosaurs.” However, I won’t guarantee that they dress any better than Bill Gates.