October 12, Republicans’ Dilemma

October 12, Republicans’ Dilemma


Republicans say they believe

Trump’s “Big Lie” of election fraud.

They say that they cannot conceive

How Biden beat their demigod.


An irony they have to face:

They actually gained more House seats.

Red States got redder in the race

While Donald went down to defeat.


On ballots where the Donald lost

But other GOPers won,

Should all those ballots now be tossed

For fraudulence, the race rerun?


Will Congressmen who won their seat

On ballots where Joe got the vote,

Admit that Donald just got beat

Or still cry “Fraud!” with raspy throat?


Were votes for Joe somehow a crime?

Do all such ballots have a stench?

Or does Trump’s Big Lie drip with slime?

Did Donald throw the monkey wrench?


His challenges thrown out of court,

And all for lack of evidence,

The Donald next tried to exhort

His base to acts of violence.


They stormed the Capitol but failed;

Joe’s victory was certified.

Will Donald’s “brown shirts” now be jailed?  (1)

Can Donald Trump remain outside?


If you ask the psychiatrists,

Trump can’t accept that we said, “No!”

The problem for all narcissists:

The word, “No!” is a mortal blow.

  • “Brown shirts,” was a common name for Hitler’s Sturmabteilung, basically roving gangs of thugs who beat up those who opposed Hitler’s rise to power. (And other undesirables: Jews, Communists, jazz musicians, etc.)