November 25, Stand Up to Tyranny

First, George the Third was crazy and now, so is Donald Trump.
So, we need to rise up again or we’ll be in the dump.
But this time we have old white males who, much to our dismay,
With racist and religious bigots, may stand in the way.

We know Trump tried to seize the throne when voters told him, “Go.”
He planned the insurrection; witnesses have told us so.
And he has told us what he’ll do if he regains the throne.
He’ll cancel our democracy so he can rule alone.

With Trump as our dictator, he’ll usurp the DOJ,
Indicting his opponents, anyone who may say, “Nay.”
Admiring Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Vladimir,
He’ll say, “Goodbye democracy, Trumpocracy is here.”

Since Trump thinks only of himself, he cannot lead our land.
All lovers of democracy will have to make a stand.
True patriots must stand against the threat of tyranny.
If you have doubts, think back to 1930s Germany.

Most Germans thought that Hitler was verrueckt, but not much threat. (crazy)
Some rich folks thought they could control him but they lost that bet.
He parlayed antisemitism into full control.
With lots of bigots in his pocket, Trump has the same goal.

The Donald is a narcissist; for that there is no cure.
So, he cares only for himself; of that we can be sure.
A second term would ruin us, his program: just revenge.
The thought of Donald back in charge should make all voters cringe.

We must not let the Donald and his sycophants prevail,
For, if they do, you can be sure democracy will fail.
Disaster here and worldwide, Donald Trump will spread the pain.
He’ll start by leaving NATO, letting Putin smash Ukraine.

Will Trump let Kim attack the South, let Xi take back Taiwan?
If so, two more democracies will suddenly be gone.
So, here at home, around the world, autocracy will spread.
We’ll have a ringside seat until democracy is dead.