November 23, Donald’s Gag Orders

Does Donald deserve a gag order
For shooting his mouth off at trial,
Provoking phone threats and disorder,
With words both insulting and vile?

Attacking attorneys and judges
And witnesses, hoping to scare
All those against whom he bears grudges,
He says that the courts can’t be fair.

He has several dozen indictments.
And civil suits up to his ass.
Does he think he’ll win with incitements
Of riots by his MAGAt class?

Since Donald Trump’s failed insurrection,
He’s kept up a two-year-long whine,
Complaining Joe stole the election.
But now Trump is crossing the line.

So judges must issue gag orders
To keep all their personnel whole,
For they know that Donald’s supporters
Will act out what’s in his dark soul.

An order to Trump means appealing
For no one tells him what to do.
And mostly the courts are revealing
They think Trump cooks in his own stew.

But Donald Trump keeps on delaying
With hopes of defeating his foes.
Then, he can use courts for the flaying
Of all those who dare to oppose.