November 19, Is Donald Demented?

Are we watching Trump as he’s dementing?
We know Fred had Alzheimer’s Disease. (1)
In his son’s case, it’s now supplementing
Well-known ignorance, grifting, and sleaze.

When most of what Trump says is invalid,
As one witnesses most every day,
When his bullshit comes out as word salad,
Then dementia is well on its way.

A dilemma for Donald’s supporters,
Who are saying that Biden’s too old,
Trump, recorded by TV reporters,
Shows dementia is now taking hold.

Could Joe Biden lose his re-election
To a man who is losing his mind?
Donald would be a crazy selection;
Must Trump voters all be deaf and blind?

Trump will use DOJ as a weapon;
He’s not shy about telling us so.
With his loyal right-wingers goose-steppin’,
If you read Hitler’s Mein Kampf, you’ll know.

Experience accompanies aging,
Unless someone is not very smart.
In the case of all Donald Trump’s raging,
He’s a sick, narcissistic, old fart.

So, Joe Biden is old but efficient
And he’s proven he can legislate.
While Donald is old and deficient,
And a narcissist and reprobate. (2)

(1) Fred Trump, Sr. died with Alzheimer’s disease at age 93.
(2) With 91 state and federal indictments pending trial and two civil suits, one on trial right now for tax fraud in New York State.