November 30, Competence Versus Crazy

Experience and competence come with Joe Biden’s age,
Indictments and insanity, when we let Donald rage.
Do voters really want a crook instead of competence?
It seems so from the polls we read; that’s damning evidence.

The Donald can’t control himself and he cannot be changed.
Mendacious narcissism makes it clear that he’s deranged.
Trump telling lies is normal; he could pass a polygraph.
While Biden used to stutter, and he sometimes makes a gaffe.

A waiter offers chicken or shit mixed with broken glass.
If you ask how the bird’s prepared, your mind is second class.
Analogous to voters, and what’s clearly been implied:
Joe Biden? Donald Trump? There’s simply nothing to decide.

If Donald pisses down your leg and tells you it is rain.
But you can see blue sky above, then trust your eyes and brain.
We know what Donald offers; it has quite a fecal smell.
If Donald Trump takes one more dump, our country goes to hell.

Those who are coprophagic, truly wanting Donald Trump,
Who willingly eat shattered glass mixed in a fecal lump,
That’s Trump derangement syndrome, Donald’s menu swallowed whole.
We’re facing two clear choices: chicken or shit casserole?

It’s Biden’s truthfulness compared to Trump’s mendacity.
It’s Biden’s competence or Donald’s criminality.
Democracy, autocracy, the choice we have next year,
Is Biden’s age or Donald’s rage. The choice is crystal clear.