November 23,  Indictments for Insurrection

November 23,  Indictments for Insurrection


What will it take for our AG at last to defecate,

Or to relinquish his position on the porcelain throne?

There’s lots of evidence amassed to clearly indicate

That Donald Trump attempted to get fair votes overthrown.


He caused an insurrection which some nitwits carried out.

They broke into the Capitol and threatened life and limb,

Smashed doors and windows; “Hang Mike Pence,” the nation heard them shout.

Trump knew quite well they’d do it; the true Trumpist brain is dim.


The January 6th committee now is digging deep;

They’re sending out subpoenas to Steve Bannon and his kind.

They’re going after all the wolves who herded Trumpist sheep,

Like Meadows, Stone, and Alex Jones, who know the Trumpist mind.


Defying their subpoenas, they want to stay out of court

Until Republicans win back the House in ’22.

For if McCarthy’s Speaker, he has promised to abort

The January 6th committee; he’ll kiss Trump’s ass too.


And that would make the insurrection just a trial run.

Elections would mean nothing if results are overturned.

The Trumpists showed us how democracy might be undone,

The Constitution shredded, fragments cast in fire and burned.


Republicans embrace Trump’s cult of personality,

Although he proved incompetent to run the government.

Trump’s term in office showed us all his criminality;

Republicans are fine with that, obstructing punishment.


So, shouldn’t Garland defecate and not just sit and fart?

Why just pursue the nitwits who were caught in Trump’s last stand?

Democracy is under threat; Trump’s cronies played a part.

Sedition led to insurrection, which had to be planned.