November 21, Poor Kari Lake

November 21, Poor Kari Lake


Poor Kari Lake, as she told us, her Arizonans know BS. (1)

And Arizona’s voters knew that Katie Hobbs was no BS.

Poor Kari was her own Cassandra, prophesying her own fall.

For Arizona’s voters shoveled Kari out the door this Fall.


Poor Kari was a vote denier, loyal Trumpist, through and through.

She gladly swallowed all the bullshit Donald Trump would daily spew.

So, when she lost, she told Fox News the vote count had to be a fraud.

But we remind her, Donald is a subject of the bunco squad.


Now Kari Lake’s supporters threaten officers who count the votes.

If they can’t win elections, then they transform into sick cutthroats.

They drive officials from their homes by calls that threaten life and limb.

They can’t conceive that they could lose, democracy? the antonym.


So Kari went to Mar a Lago, seeking solace from The Man.

But what could Donald do for her, another losing, loyal fan?

Could he make her his running mate, another Sarah Palin type?

A “central casting” cutie who will spread the Trumpist gripes and hype.


So Kari, just like Donald, tells the press that she will not concede.

She lost by 18,000 votes; that’s close, the counters all agreed.

Intimidating voters by armed thugs at boxes on the street

And not conceding, charging fraud, won’t change the fact that she got beat.


So Kari Lake, poor Kari Lake has joined the Donald’s loser corps.

And if she files a lot of lawsuits, she’ll lose as Trump did before.

Are they both puzzled narcissists, who can’t imagine they could lose?

Perhaps, because they’re narcissists, they’re not the ones the voters choose.


  • Kari Lake, November 15 tweet, “Arizonans know BS when they see it.”