There will be no San Diego Darwin birthday concerts this year due to the fact that Steve will addressing a new audience at the Creativity and Madness seminar in Santa Fe, NM, on Darwin’s birthday, February 12th. This will be a unique presentation at this conference which usually addresses the issues of artistic creativity and madness. Steve will be using Darwin as an example of scientific creativity and using his songs as examples of his own scientific creativity in his scientific gospel musical genre.

For those who will suffer Galapagos Mountain Boys withdrawal because of no Darwin concert in February, the band will be performing at the 2nd Annual San Diego Science Festival in PetCo Park downtown San Diego, on Saturday, March 27, 2010. This science fair will be presenting every kind of science imaginable to the public, with the hope that children of all ages will get excited about the various scientific disciplines and choose one of them as their professional life’s ambition.

Because we, at Scientific Gospel Productions, and the Galapagos Mountain Boys, feel so strongly about the future of science education in the USA, we are traveling to Washington DC in October to perform at the first ever National Science Festival on the Mall, October 24, 2010. This is our commitment to correct a failing science curriculum in the USA and to encourage young folks that a scientific profession is not only rewarding, but fun as well. By showing them they can learn some science in fun and funny songs, they will see and hear that not all scientists have ‘sticks up their tushies.’